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Is Buying or Leasing Right for Me? Robberson Ford Weighs In To Help you Decide

Your new Ford model is picked out, and you couldn't be more excited about your future on the road. But before the keys are handed over, the financing part of the dealership experience must be addressed. And one key area that some shoppers struggle with is the important but complex buy versus lease decision. Thankfully, our team at Robberson Ford has years of experience helping prospective drivers choose the right financing plan, and we are here to help provide some critical context when it comes to both options you may consider.

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What is Leasing? Definition and Benefits

The answer may be simple to some, but not known for others. Buying a vehicle is self-explanatory, but what exactly does leasing mean? Think of it as a contract to operate. You sign a lease agreement for a given term and allotted number of miles, with provisions and regulations built in to protect the condition of the vehicle long term.

You get to enjoy this new Ford model for this given period with no long-term commitment. This means that at the end of your lease agreement, you no longer are tied to this vehicle. If you are interested in the latest model year with updated features and technology, you can sign a lease agreement and get back out on the road quickly. This flexibility is something that many shoppers appreciate.

Reasons to Consider Buying

And while leasing does typically offer lower payments and more flexibility, there are plenty of reasons to like the idea of buying a vehicle from our dealership as well. The ability to build equity over time in a vehicle is an important financial benefit. Choosing to buy also means freedom from lease agreement contracts, allowing you to customize your vehicle as you please and drive an unlimited number of miles. Freedom from any natural wear and tear or other accrued damage responsibility also proves to be another advantage.

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So What is Right for You? It All Depends

As you are now aware, one option necessarily doesn't have the edge over the other. Choosing to lease or buy here at Robberson Ford can be beneficial based on personal preferences and specific considerations. Our financing team can help you review these refined factors and come to a decision that you are happy about. Give us a call today!

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