Load Your Vehicle More Easily With the Ford Flex

Have you ever been holding an armful of groceries and found it difficult to open the driver's door? It's common, and that's why the Ford Flex, a popular three-row midsize SUV, is equipped with some features that can make loading your vehicle easier. With fob technology, you won't have to put your items on the ground as you search for your keys.

When you have the fob on you, simply place your hand near the door handle. The vehicle can sense the fob without you even touching a button. And if you have a lot of…

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How Long Does it Take to Recharge the Ford Focus Electric?

The weakness of electric cars is their limited range. Original electric cars were only capable of traveling 30-40 miles before recharging was necessary. If your commute was more than 15 miles, then you needed to recharge at work. The Ford Focus Electric car has a cruising range of 115 miles leaving plenty of range for commutes to work and to take the kids to school.

The quickest method of recharging is through the innovative DC feed that recharges your battery to 80% full in just 30 minutes. The car accepts AC from either a 120V or a 240V home plugin…

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Choosing to Purchase Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you are searching for a vehicle, you want to find one that is in good shape. If you are looking for a used vehicle but you want to find a high quality one, consider all of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are available.

It is important for a pre-owned vehicle to be inspected before it is sold to a new driver. The Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are all inspected thoroughly before being offered to people like you. 

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How the Ford Flex Gives You Power and Control

You’ll easily see the light in the Ford Flex, starting with the expansive Vista Roof that brings sky views across all three rows. Power the moonroof open in the first row or adjust the power sunshades if the glare becomes too match. At night, set the mood by choosing colors like red, Ice Blue®, or green for the available ambient lighting in the footwells, front two cupholders, and center console bin.

Your drive becomes more impressive with the 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque produced by the 3.5-liter EcoBoost® with an assist from direct injection and…

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Explore Your Options for a Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor comes in many models so that they can meet a variety of needs. This popular 4x4 pickup truck is powered by a 450 horsepower EcoBoost engine that gets an estimated 15/18 MPG City/Highway. With Baja-inspired technology, this truck is ready to take on the roughest roads and the toughest jobs.

With the auto start and stop technology and a 26 or 36-gallon gas tank, the Raptor will make efficient use of fuel and minimize the time you have to spend at gas stations. With enough power to tow any load and trailer sway control…

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Ford Fusion Energi is Smart and Efficient

The Ford Fusion Energi is a mid-size car that runs on a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This efficient model is equipped with advanced technology that monitors and adjusts real-time performance.

The instrument cluster in the Ford Fusion Energi has the SmartGauge, which is a sophisticated system that measures real-time performance. For example, this module provides precise feedback on fuel economy and other aspects of the plug-in hybrid powertrain. You could customize the MyView function based on your personal preferences for viewing relevant data.

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Where will your Transit Connect take you?

We here at Robberson Ford Sales Inc. are excited to present the features of this popular cargo van. When you get behind the wheel of the Transit Connect, you can see for yourself the technology inside this van.

The 6-speed select shift automatic transmission is designed to be both responsive at low gears while providing the fuel efficiency you need at higher speeds.

When coupled with the towing package, you can limit the gear range to help you get your trailer up hilly terrain easier.

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The Importance of Keeping Tires Inflated Just Right

You need to make sure that your tires always have the right amount of air in them. If they are not properly inflated, you may face reduced gas mileage and worse issues.

If your tires are under-inflated, they will rub the road's surface in the wrong way, and they will cause friction. The friction can create heat and all kinds of issues. Tires that are not inflated enough can make your vehicle work harder, overall, too. When your tires have too much air in them, the weight of your vehicle is not spread out over your tires in the…

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The Tech Features in The All-New Taurus Show Why It Has Consistently Been an Industry Leader

If you are in the market for a sedan that combines all the best styling, comfort, safety, quality, and reliability then you should have a good hard look at the all-new 2018 Ford Taurus. The Taurus has taken its reputation as an industry leader and built upon it to create a car lover's dream.

Drivers of the all-new Taurus are going to enjoy an extensive list of technology features that include:

To see all of these features up close head on over to our showroom here at Robberson Ford Sales Inc. and test drive the all-new 2018 Ford Taurus…

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Is It Time for New Wiper Blades?

Windshield wiper blades need to be replaced on a regular basis. Just as your car tires wear out, wiper blades can also wear down and become damaged over time. Fortunately, this a very simple fix. At Robberson Ford Sales Inc., we'd be happy to replace your blades for your quickly. Here's what you need to know.

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