The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Makes Travel Easy

As we roll into a new year, it can be tough deciding which vehicle is the right choice for future vacations. If you have a bigger family, this choice is especially difficult. You want to be able to make trips comfortably while also keeping things within your budget - the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon makes this choice easy.

With a seating capacity of fifteen people, the Passenger Wagon definitely lives up to its name. You can easily fit yourself and your family in this vehicle, along with some friends. And don't worry about space - the Wagon is comfortably designed with cushy seats and a top-notch entertainment system. Media screens are easily accessible using the Wagon's redesigned steering wheel, which has been maximized for efficient usage.

To learn more about the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, pay us a visit at Robberson Ford Sales Inc! We'd be happy to set you up with a test drive so you can see for yourself how comfortable and efficient the Passenger Wagon really is.


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