The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular and practical performance hatchback that comes with tons of features that add to its fun factor. The Fiesta ST is a hot hatch and that makes it great for hooning around the streets of Bend and for taking out on twisty country backroads.

One of the most pronounced performance features of the Fiesta ST is its peppy 1.6L EcoBoost engine that makes a powerful 197 hp. All of this power is sent through a six-speed manual transmission which gives you the ultimate sense of control over the Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST is a fairly small and lightweight vehicle that makes it easy to control and quick to accelerate.

The best way to feel how nimble the Fiesta ST is by taking it for a test drive at Robberson Ford Sales Inc. We can also help you find the ST that has all of the features you want in your next daily driver.


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