The Ford Super Duty is a Tough Heavy-Duty Truck

The Super Duty by Ford is a leading heavy-duty truck. It's a great choice if you need something that can withstand a variety of conditions and handle any type of task.

The truck is made out of durable materials that give it rigidity. The body was built using military-grade aluminum-alloy that's dent- and ding-resistant, and the fully boxed frame consists of high-strength steel and is reinforced by up to 10 crossmembers. These materials are also relatively lightweight, and they work together to help the truck achieve best-in-class payload and tow ratings.

Adding even more to the truck is the solid front axle, which comes on all of the 4x4 Super Duty models that we have at Robberson Ford Sales Inc. This type of axle gives the truck more stability, especially when you put on a snowplow or other type of significant front-end unfit.



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