Stay Comfortable in a Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a large passenger vehicle that can take you and your group wherever you want to go. While you travel around Bend, you'll be able to stay safe and entertained, and you can stay comfortable at the same time.

Inside the cabin of a Transit Passenger Wagon, which you can check out at Robberson Ford Sales Inc., the driver and front passenger can adjust their seats and put them in optimal positions. The steering wheel can tilt and telescope, and inboard driver armrests provide a convenient spot to place an elbow or two. An available option is to get heated front seats to keep you warm and toasty.

In the rest of the van, tall passengers can enjoy best-in-class headroom, as the height in the back is 77 inches. Overhead storage takes advantage of some of that vertical space. Additionally, available aisle-seating makes it much easier to access the back rows.



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