When you drive the Ford Edge, you'll discover that it's a vehicle that can easily meet the needs that your family has in a vehicle. It's an SUV with room and that is fun to drive. There's plenty of power on takeoff and while you're cruising at highway speeds.

Not only is the Edge fun to drive, but it also features exterior details that make it a vehicle that is pleasing to look at as well. The rims of the SUV are designed to blend with the color of the vehicle. You'll also notice a larger grille positioned between two slender headlights that have LED bulbs for better viewing the road at night in Bend.

The Edge is a vehicle that hugs the road, making handling a bit better while you're going around curves. Locking seatbelts and antilock brakes keep you safe while you're in the Edge. Learn more about all of the details in the SUV by visiting Robberson Ford Sales Inc.



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