Check Out the Ford Transit Connect Safety Features

If you are in the market for a new cargo van/passenger wagon, we suggest that you check out the Ford Transit Connect at Robberson Ford Sales Inc in Bend. This is a popular model with consumers because it is capable and comes with many safety features that provide you with excellent protection.

The Transit Connect comes with the Safety Canopy System. This system is located behind the headliner in the roof side rail. With this feature, the side-curtain airbags will open downward and outward so that passengers heads are protected. This feature comes with roll-fold technology that helps the airbag move between the glass and passenger as the airbag is inflating. The Safety Canopy System will not interfere with child booster seats or safety seats that are properly installed.

You also get a standard rearview camera with the Transit Connect. This camera offers optional audio systems. It provides you with a video image of the area behind the van. When you shift into reverse and begin to back up, the camera will automatically turn on.



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