The Convenient and Efficient Ford Transit Connect

When you're on the job, having a vehicle that helps you work efficiently can make all the difference. The new Ford Transit Connect is available at Robberson Ford Sales Inc. The popular cargo van and passenger wagon is equipped with innovative features that are designed to make your commute much easier.

One of the most unique features is the QuickClear Electric Windshield Defroster. While other defrosting systems take a few minutes to get rid of ice or fog, this system gets it done in no time. A thin heating element is embedded between two glass layers on the windshield. With a press of a button, it will heat up the glass to get rid of issues. On top of that, the washer jets have built-in heating that washes away ice instantly.

Another great feature is Auto Start-Stop. It's designed to maximize fuel economy when you're stuck in traffic. When you're stopped, the engine will shut off automatically. When traffic starts moving again, it'll turn on the moment you hit the gas. While the engine is off, the AC and radio stay on to keep you comfortable.



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