Should You Buy or Lease in Bend, OR?

Depending on what you want at the end of your car payments, you can choose to either lease or purchase your vehicle. If you decide to lease, you are basically renting, just as you would an apartment. You are in a term for a few years, and you have to pay your "rent." Then, when you are ready to return the car to Robberson Ford Sales Inc., you are free to choose another vehicle. You do not have to worry about selling it or having to trade it in.

When you buy your car, you are making payments on something that you will end up owning once all your payments have been made. If you decide that you no longer want your vehicle, you have to either sell it or trade it in. Buying gives you fewer restrictions, and you can customize your ride. When you lease, you also have lower payments to worry about.

If you're interested in settling on whether to buy or lease your next vehicle, then our staff members are at your service for advice. Stop in and start learning more at 2100 NE 3rd Street today!

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