Ford Ranger Prepares for Return to U.S. Markets in 2019

We haven't a new Ranger since Ford stopped selling compact pickup trucks in the United States seven years ago. In 2019, American customers will finally be able to buy a Ford Tough truck smaller than a full-size when the Ranger makes its return.

There are no exact details on the 2019 Ranger yet, with its official model page on Ford's website woefully barren, save for the vague yet enticing promise, "Off-the-grid adventures are just down the road."

In the meantime, Autoblog editor David Gluckman flew all the way to New Zealand, where the Ford Ranger never left the new car market, to try to glean some insight from the global version.

In New Zealand, the Ranger is available in a compellingly sporty-looking Wildtrak model. Orange body color matches orange contrast stitching in the interior, giving it a premium performance style. Gluckman also complimented the diesel engine, which averaged 22 mpg over the course of his test drive through the mountains.

The 2019 Ranger due to enter U.S. markets will likely be a very different truck, but will likely be equally feature-packed. And considering Ford's move to develop a diesel powertrain for the F-150, there's a chance it could also feature a diesel like its global counterpart.


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